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Sleep at Last! I’m amazed that these aren’t sold everywhere.

S. West (Melatonin 10 mg)

Very pleased with the results. It has really helped me with sleeping through the night. I’ve also noticed that I don't toss and turn as much. The patches were easy to apply and take off.

Yt (Melatonin 10 mg)

I have tried Thrive DFT patches which worked but were expensive and then I found Energy patch plus which is a very inexpensive energy patch that works the same as the Thrive. I can tell when I forget to put the patch on.

Amazon Verified Purchase (Energy Patch Plus)

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Recently moving from one time zone to another, I had A LOT of difficulties adjusting to the time difference. As a full-time employee and student, I needed something to help me sleep at night and wake up in the morning. This patch did just the trick! I feel a lot more relaxed and able to sleep after my long days. I highly recommend this to anyone and I will DEFINITELY be continuing my purchases. Plus, I love the fact that this patch has minimal ingredients!

Amazon Verified Purchase (Melatonin 3 mg)

Amazing product! I don't often review on Amazon, but these have been such a lifesaver.

Robin (Melatonin 7 mg)

The patches work great and the package arrived exactly when promised. Will definitely purchase again. 

Amazon Verified Purchase (Energy Patch Plus)

This is a really good product. I have a lot of trouble sleeping but if I use the patch, I get a good night's sleep. I also appreciate the pleasant emails I get from Respro Labs. They really seem to care. 

Amazon Verified Purchase (Melatonin 10 mg)

Super skeptical (at first) but these patches are the real deal!!!!!! Easily run thru a 12 hr night shift with energy but no jitters or palpitations!!!!

Amazon Verified Purchase (Energy Patch Plus)

Rarely write reviews but have to rave about this product. Have reordered several times may now go on auto delivery as I don’t want to run out. Have taken otc sleep aids which make me drowsy in the morning and headachey. Less so with melatonin pills but not with these patches. A soothing gentle calming down before bed and I sleep through the nite. If I have an early morning call and can not afford a full 8 hrs I apply only one patch. Works perfectly and saves money. Truly amazing.

Amazon Purchase by Anne L. (Melatonin 10 mg)
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