Frequently Asked Questions

What are patches?

Patches are unique systems that have the main ingredients coated directly onto a layer that will then be applied to the skin.

What are the benefits of patches?

Patches are useful when you have digestive and swallowing problems. You do not need to have water to swallow the pills. They can be used anywhere and anytime. You may discontinue the effect by simply removing the patch.  However you can’t go back easily with pills.

What are the advantages you may expect?

Our Patches are Latex-Free, Lactose-Free, Gluten-Free and Calorie-Free. They are manufactured in USA with NO GMO materials, NO artificial colors, NO known allergens, NO unnecessary ingredients, and follow rigorous testing conditions.

Who can use Respro Labs Patches?

Anyone can use our Patches! Our patches are safe and easy to use. As with any supplement or medication, we recommend consulting with your primary care physician prior to using any new patches or supplements. We also recommend that you follow your health care professional’s advice if you are pregnant, nursing, are allergic to any of the ingredients, or are taking medications that may interact with the ingredients of the patch.

Can my kid benefit by using one of the patches?

Our patches are intended for use by adults only, and are not recommended for use by children. Like all supplements, medications, and sharp kitchen utensils, we also recommend that you store the patches (new and used), its packaging, and any other associated materials out of the reach of children.

How should I use the patch?

You can wear the patch virtually anywhere on your body. We recommend that a new patch be applied to a bare, relatively hair-free, and clean area of the skin, such as your shoulders, inner arm, or forearms. We also recommend the rotation of application sites every time a new patch is applied.

Can I reuse the patch?

Once removed from the skin, the patches may not be reused.

Are the ingredients safe?

Yes, they are! All of the main ingredients are of the purest quality (USP/FCC-grade) and are considered to be safe for consumption (GRAS). All of the pouches are FDA-compliant.

I found a speck/streak on the patch. Is this normal? 

This is absolutely normal, and can sometimes be expected as those dark spots or streaks are due to the manufacturing process of natural ingredients. It is actually seen quite often in many products containing natural ingredients.

I can’t find the back-slit that runs through the back of the patch. What should I do?

Once in a blue moon, you may notice that one patch (except for the 3 mg Melatonin Patches) of the many we produce may not have a back-slit in the back. While this occasion is extremely rare, when it does happen, you can easily lift the clear backing layer of the patch simply by using the edge of the affected patch.

What about all the other companies that claim that their patches are more effective than anything else in the market?

All Respro Labs patches undergo rigorous laboratory testing before becoming available to you. One of the many tests we run is a comparative test of our patch against the leading brands, including those patches which claim to be “the most effective” that is available.

We do not intend to let marketing gimmicks dictate what you should and should not buy. What we can tell you is that based on repeated head-to-head studies, all of the results clearly indicate that our patches are far superior to that of the competitor’s. Our patches come with a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Can you cut the patch if a lower dose is desired?

Yes. The Patches can easily be cut to a size that works best for you. We recommend that you cut the patch prior to removing the protective layer from the back of the patch so that any unused portion(s) may safely be stored away for later use.

How do I store the Patches?

Store the Patches at Room Temperature in a dry place in their original packaging. Do not expose them to direct sunlight.

Are the Patches water-proof?

Our Patches are not waterproof. However, they are water-resistant in most situations.

What I should do if there is a residue on the skin after removal of the Patch?

Any kind of residue after removal of patches is totally normal, which you may also experience after using any kind of wound-bandages, etc.  Do not worry about it.  They can be simply removed after washing your skin with warm water.

When can I start to feel the effect of patches?

Patches are designed for continuous and sustained release. Depending on the individual you may feel the results within 1-2 hours. This interval allows you to take other actions, e.g. before using energy patches you can drink a cup of coffee, or before using melatonin patches you can also drink some relaxation teas. However, for vitamin patches, best results are obtained with 2-3 months of continuous daily use.

Are the Energy Patches Safe?

When used according to the recommendations, the patches provide safe amounts of active ingredients.

What are the inactive ingredients?

Our patches are made using USP/NF-grade hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive.

Can Energy Patches support my weight-loss?

Yes. Energy patches are designed to increase your activity and lift up your mood, all of which are necessary components in any kind of diet program. It is also known that guarana (naturally caffeinated ingredient ) may support weight-loss.

Can Energy Patches be substituted for coffee?

Energy patches are not a substitute for coffee or caffeinated drinks. They provide continuous mood and focus-enhancing amounts of natural caffeine. Therefore you may also consume moderate amounts of caffeinated beverages.

Why I should use Melatonin Patch instead of pills?

Melatonin Patches are designed to work smoothly and continuously all night long. You can expect to first feel relaxed, followed by a smooth transfer to quality sleep. Our customer testimonials suggest that our Patches are better than any other Melatonin pills in the market!

Which Melatonin Patch is best for me?

We recommend that you to start with our 7mg Melatonin Patch. Based on your experience and how the patch works for you, you may want to switch either to a lower or higher amount of Melatonin Patch (3mg or 10 mg).

What is the red color on my skin after removing the Vitamin B12 Patch?

Occasionally, the red color on the skin after removal of the patch is excess vitamin itself (not blood). It can be easily washed out with water. In case there is a red colored leak from the patch, do not worry about it. Any excess amount can be wiped out easily. The patch was designed such a manner that the remaining vitamin B12 will be more than enough for your body’s needs.

Can I mention you in my blog or article?

Please do! We’re proud of our work and are always open for people to try our patches. All we ask is for you to include a link to our website.


Where is your mandatory FDA statement?

We're glad you asked! Here it is: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.